Collections for Juliet

Tuesday, August 11, 2020
7:30 pm

Mary Flagler Cary Hall

This program was canceled due to COVID-19. Instead of a live concert, TIME:SPANS produced videos of the following works (at the bottom of this page):

Cassandra Miller
Tracery, 2017

Sivan Eldar
Heave, 2019

Nomi Epstein
Collections for Juliet, 2018

Original Program:

Lisa Illean
A through-grown earth, 2018

Juliet Fraser


Caley Monahon-Ward, sound projection and electronics

Concert duration: approximately one hour


Tracery : T.Rex

by Cassandra Miller and Juliet Fraser.
Tracery is an ongoing and modular collaboration between composer Cassandra Miller and soprano Juliet Fraser. This new module was made on a residency at Snape Maltings (Britten Pears Arts) just days before lockdown began and takes as its source material a song by the English rock band T. Rex.

Juliet Fraser: meditating singer
Cassandra Miller: composer
Stephen Harvey: audio & video

Collections for Juliet

by Nomi Epstein
performed by Juliet Fraser
projection art by Inga Lankenau
In association with Festival für Immaterielle Kunst, Hamburg

Heave, (solo version) 2019

by Sivan Eldar
performed by Juliet Fraser (soprano; London)
and Yuli Kovbasnian (dancer; Tel Aviv)
Noémi Dahan (artistic direction; Tel Aviv)
Jenn Granit (filmmaker & editing; Tel Aviv)
Yoav Picherski (filmmaker; London)
Sivan Eldar’s Heave (solo version, 2019) was commissioned by Juliet Fraser and Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge. The electronics were created at IRCAM-Centre Pompidou studios with IRCAM computer music designer Augustin Muller. Original text by Cordelia Lynn.

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