NIKEL: Klaus Lang bright darkness

Saturday, August 10, 2019
7:00 pm

Wagner Park, Battery Park City

FREE Outdoor Event

Listening with clogged ears and seeing with closed eyes.

What we perceive is very often not what our senses are suggesting; in fact it is our notion of something shaped by concepts. We are impeded in realizing our sensory perception by a learned mechanism of our mind. It’s not uncommon that our preconceived expectations, our prejudices, are exactly the opposite of what we sensorially experience. If we obviate all noises, it gets louder; if we close our eyes, it gets light. We might question what we really see when we close our eyes in order to ‘see nothing’, and what even is our idea of ‘seeing nothing’ and ‘darkness’? The same applies for movement, too. Sometimes we can’t tell whether an object is moving or not. Is it a chord we’re listening to, or a line? A layer or a process? Or is it just our mind moving? Where can we find the answers to these questions?

Klaus Lang (Translated from German by Friedemann Dupelius)


Klaus Lang
bright darkness, 2017


Brian Archinal, percussion
Yaron Deutsch, electric guitar
Antoine Françoise, piano and keyboards
Patrick Stadler, saxophones

Aaron Holloway-Nahum, technical director
Alfred Reiter-Wuschko, engineer

concert will be approximately one hour

This concert is co-sponsored by Battery Park City Authority.

Additional support provided by the Austrian Cultural Forum New York.

Wagner Park, Battery Park City
16 Battery Place
New York, NY 10280

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