Wednesday, August 24, 2022
7:30 pm

Mary Flagler Cary Hall

Enno Poppe/Wolfgang Heiniger
Tonband, 2008/12

Igor Santos
living to fall, 2022*
* world premiere
Commissioned by The Earle Brown Music Foundation Charitable Trust

Misato Mochizuki
Le Monde des Ronds et des Carrés, 2015


Laura Barger, piano
Russell Greenberg, percussion
Sae Hashimoto, percussion
Julia Den Boer, piano

Sam Torres, electronics

Concert duration: approximately one hour and ten minutes

Mary Flagler Cary Hall
DiMenna Center for Classical Music
450 W 37th Street
New York, NY 10018

Program Notes

Enno Poppe/Wolfgang Heiniger
Tonband (2008/12)

Enno Poppe / Wolfgang Heiniger. A page from the score of Tonband

Igor Santos
living to fall (2022)

Living to fall is centered on the theme of music and rain and is the third work in a series exploring the relationship between water and music. In these multimedia works, water is explored sonically but is also used as a vehicle to address larger and more personal themes. Living to fall showcases sounds and images of rain, quotes and deconstructs rain-related musical works, and engages with the rituals and labor of live performance. My general approach for this piece is to create connections between these worlds in a complex mimetic cycle—constantly navigating between sound, performers, and video, as well as back and forth in historical time.

Misato Mochizuki
Le monde des ronds et des carrés (2015)

Le monde des ronds et des carrés attempts to install, in space and in music, geometric combinations arising from the shapes mentioned in the title—circles and squares—in exploring the relationships possible among the musicians, whether opposed to one another (square) or united (circle). I wrote the piece, having in mind the seventieth anniversary of the end of World War II and asking myself what leads people to slaughter one another.

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